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Discover my coaching & support for Business leaders who need growth – in their company and in themselves

Pursuing entrepreneurship with and from the right energy, it is possible!

In the right flow...

Successful entrepreneurship is only possible if you feel good about yourself and when you are balanced. So, do you notice that it doesn’t happen automatically? And are you looking for a breakthrough? Then treat yourself with The Energy Entrepreneur! With this special coaching program. I help you to become stronger in business by building a stronger connection with yourself.

So that you can achieve all your goals with focus and pleasure.


Is this you?

As a specialist in energetic entrepreneurship, I can do a lot for you. Especially if you are:

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above points? Discover what The Energy Entrepreneur can offer you.

Choose energetic entrepreneurship.

From your core

One thing is certain: successful and balanced entrepreneurship does not happen automatically. Entrepreneurship is always a path full of challenges, where you sometimes find yourself completely alone. I have also experienced this and I know how you can turn negative energy into positive energy. How you can do business and live from your core. You can do that too, with The Energy Entrepreneur.

The Energy Entrepreneur

Energy in business

Do you want to grow on both a business and personal level? Then I invite you to schedule a meeting with me. Together we can discover how the coaching program from The Energy Entrepreneur can help you take your business to new heights.

Take the first step towards growth and success with me.

The Energy Entrepreneur

The route to energetic entrepreneurship

The coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to grow professionally and personally.

Do you want to discover and realize how you do business and live from your core? Then this is the coaching program you are looking for. In 6 versatile sessions we will take your company to the next level. Goal-oriented, energetic, personal and totally in connection.

The Energy Entrepreneur is exactly what you need if you want to align yourself with your entrepreneurship and the other way around. If you want to let go of patterns that are holding you back. Want to clear obstacles. And you want to fall in love with your company again. This is your route to energetic entrepreneurship!

I'll bring this for you

A well-stocked toolbox

As an energetic business coach, I provide an integrated and holistic approach in which everything comes together and everything reinforces each other. Always pragmatic, often creative and never coercive.

My extensive experience as an entrepreneur, coach and therapist means I can draw on a well-stocked toolbox.

Together we discover what you need and what fits well in the program you are following.

For entrepreneurs like you

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the points below?

The program

Live online

The program consists of 6 online conversations of 1,5 hours in which we follow your energy together, get to the core, build bridges and work on your goals.

The program consists of an intake + 3 phases:

In the first session we examine together where you are now and what steps you want to take personally and professionally. We formulate concrete goals for focus and scope in the future.

In this phase we dive into who you are together. So that we understand where you are now and what you need to really make that leap forward.

In this phase you come closer to yourself. You will receive practical tools that you can integrate into your daily life. We also address the practical side of your entrepreneurship. To work on issues surrounding money, personnel, strategy or execution.

We conclude the program by drawing up an improvement plan for your entrepreneurship. So you can speed up. This plan brings everything together: who you are, how you continue to nourish your personal growth and how you work on the growth of your company with pleasure and focus.

Energy, decisiveness and connection

Through my pragmatic approach

I use a pragmatic approach to boost your business and your self, based on the motto: living and leading to the fullest is a choice. My working method shows who I am: energetic, full of decisiveness and always connected. So that your company and you will flourish. And you can integrate business success and doing what you are here for. So, do you feel like pursuing your ambitions with peace and confidence? Discover The Energy Entrepreneur or plan your free introduction meeting immediately.

Your investment

The fee for this special program is € 1,950 or 23000 NOK excl. VAT.

Yet this is not the largest investment I ask of you. That is your full attention during our sessions. Because: energy is everything & everything is energy. Together we work on your transformation and the improvement plan that will help you grow for years to come. Very nice work!

And this is your ROI

Return on investment

The entrepreneurs who came before you have experienced it: this program restores your balance, strengthens your authentic leadership and increases your entrepreneurial power.

From now on, you will get as much energy from your entrepreneurship as you put into it. And that makes a big difference!

This is how you become an Energy Entrepreneur: happier, mentally and physically fitter, with more fun, more control and more focus. And with everything you need to continue to grow personally and professionally. Will you also say YES to an energetic future? I hope to see you soon.

My name is Luite de Jager

As an experienced entrepreneur and energetic business coach, I am ready to help you launch your entrepreneurship to the next level based on the following 4 core values:

Helped many entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurship is only possible if you feel good about yourself, and you are balanced. So do you notice that it doesn’t happen automatically? And are you looking for a breakthrough? Then treat yourself to The Energy Entrepreneur! With this special coaching program, I help you to do business from a connection with yourself. So that you can achieve all your goals with a lot of focus and pleasure.

Shall we start?

Björn van Eijk
Luite is een kundige Business coach die mij met verschillende technieken bewuster heeft gemaakt van mijn "ware ik". Door een combinatie van meditaties, ademhalingsoefeningen, koudetrainingen, workouts... lees verder
Edith Dijk
Edith Dijk
ik heb 3 sessies gedaan bij Luite, touch of matrix methode met thema: 'manifesteren vanuit leegte'. Ik ben heel blij dat ik in deze drie sessies heb geïnvesteerd, Luite voelt intuïtief heel goed wat... lees verder
paul hulsman
Paul Hulsman
Direct aanmelden voor een Touch of Matrix behandeling vond ik toch best lastig. Daarom had ik mij aangemeld voor de meditatie-avonden. Doordat ik na de eerste avond direct een stuk beter sliep, wist i... lees verder
nienke jansen
Nienke Jansen
Ik kwam bij Luite met veel zielspijn van uit het verleden . Wat ik nog niet kon verwerken, wat resulteerde in veel spanning in en rond om mijn lijf. Luite heeft mij geholpen om los te komen van deze... lees verder
Ina Dollenkamp
Ina Dollenkamp
Luite heeft mij op een fijn pad geholpen. voel me sterker en veel rustiger. zodat alles veel makkelijker gaat . mijn rug is al heel lang mijn zwakke plek,die voelt nu krachtig en ontspannen. en wat fi... lees verder
Tanja Bouman
Luite bood mij een hele prettige setting, waardoor ik mij snel veilig voelde en mijn kwetsbaarheid durfde te laten zien. Ik heb Luite ervaren als een warme toegankelijke man, die mij liefdevol begelei... lees verder