About Luite

Hello, my name is Luite. Together with my wife Sofija and our four children, I have been based in Norway since the summer of 2023. Meditation, yoga, breathing practice, cold training, physical exertion, walking in nature, skiing and conscious nutrition are a daily part of my life and my entrepreneurship.

Awareness, adventure and transformation are a common thread in my life.

After a successful period as an entrepreneur and owner of a biodynamic catering company, I have continued to develop myself fully. I have many years of experience as an interim and reorganization specialist. I am an experienced entrepreneurial coach and an all-round energetic management expert. I regularly attend workshops and training courses to further deepen my knowledge.

Key words that suit me are: successful management, guiding, mediating. I am here to understand and mirror the other, this ensures that you take 100% responsibility for your own life.

I am always energized by the energy of others and have a great affinity with SMEs. I convey my knowledge and experience to you practically, lovingly and with humor. I focus on sharing tools that you can easily apply in your life and your entrepreneurship.

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